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Book editions

  • Esra Erdem and João Alexandre Leite (eds), Proceedings of the Twelfth International Workshop on Non-Monotonic Reasoning session on Declarative Programming Paradigms and Systems for NMR, Vol. UNSW-CSE-TR-0819, University of New South Wales, September 2008.
  • José Carlos Ramalho, João Correia Lopes and Salvador Abreu (eds), XATA2008 – XML: Applications and Associated Technologies, ISBN: 978-972-99166-5-6, Univ. Minho, (url), February 2008.
  • Computational Processing of the Portuguese Language, Propor 2008, Aveiro, Portugal, September 8-10, 2008, Proceedings, in: A. Teixeira, V. Lima, C. Oliveira and Paulo Quaresma (eds), PROPOR, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer, Vol. 5190, 2008.
  • Mehdi Dastani, A. El F. Seghrouchni, João Alexandre Leite and Paolo Torroni (eds), Languages, Methodologies and Development Tools for Multi-Agent Systems, First International Workshop, LADS'007, Durham, UK, September 4-6, 2007. Revised Selected Papers., Vol. 5118 of Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, ISBN: 978-3-540-85057-1, Springer, (url), 2008.
  • Mehdi Dastani and João Alexandre Leite (eds), Proceedings of the 10th European Agent System Summer School (EASSS'08), Lisbon, Portugal, May 2008, FBA, 2008.

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