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InformationSalvador Abreu is full professor at the Computer Science department of Universidade de Évora.

He holds a Habilitation (Agregação) degree in Computer Science from Universidade de Évora (2009), a PhD in Computer Science from Universidade Nova de Lisboa (UNL, 1994) as well as degree in Informatics Engineering, also from Universidade Nova de Lisboa (1987). He held several positions at Universidade de Évora, including that of pro-rector for information technology, director of Computing Services, head of the Computer Science Department, head of the Exact Sciences Departmental Area and director of the BSc and PhD programs in Informatics Engineering and Computer Science.

His research interests include Programming Language Design and Implementation, Parallel and Distributed Computing, Declarative Programming Languages and Tools. Logic Programming is seen as the basis for the development of tools and applications, namely for organizational information systems. He is active in the Logic Programming and Constraints research communities, having organized or served in the program committees of various conferences.
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Salvador Abreu
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Salvador Abreu

School: U. Évora
Country: Portugal

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