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CoLogNet - European Network of Excellence in Computational Logic

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Computational Logic has outgrown its humble beginnings and early expectations by far: with close to ten thousand people working worldwide in research and development of logic-related methods, with several dozen international conferences and workshops and more than one hundred international and national scientific societies related to research in logic addressing the growing richness and diversity of the field, and with the foundational role and importance these methods now assume in mathematics, computer science, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, linguistics and many engineering fields –where logic-related techniques are used inter alia to state and settle correctness issues – the field has diversified in ways that the pure logicians working in the early decades of the last century could have hardly anticipated.

Started in January 2001 and was concluded in June 2005.


Participating entity: CENTRIA - UNL.


Funding entity: EU-IST.


Principal researcher: Luís Moniz Pereira.

Researchers: José Alferes, João Leite, Carlos Damásio.

Funding: No extra cost.


Participating in the Executive Council. Setting up of a distributed master in Computational Logic with T.U.Dresden. Participation in network activities. Final report.

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