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REWERSE - Reasoning on the Web with Rules and Semantics

Project information

REWERSE strives for advanced Web systems and applications sometimes referred to as Semantic Web, a term coined in 2001 by Tim Berners-Lee et. al. in the article “The Semantic Web” in Scientific American. This term refers to one of the major current endeavours world wide in Information Technologies. Its goal may be briefly described as enriching the existing Web with meta-data and data processing (and meta-data processing) so as to provide Web-based systems with advanced (so-called intelligent) capabilities, in particular with context-awareness and decision support, strengthening a person centred, everyday use of the Web.

Started in March 1st 2004 and was concluded in March 1st 2008.


Funding entity: EU-IST.


Principal researcher: Luís Moniz Pereira.

Researchers: José Alferes, Carlos Damásio, Pedro Barahona, Ludwig Kripphal, Ricardo Amador.

Funding: 75000 Euro.


Meetings, deliverables, and publications, in the area of our responsibility for Working Group Evolution and Reactivity. And according to participation in WGs Education and Training, Rule Markup Languages, Towards a Bioinformatics Semantic Web, and Personalised Information Systems.

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