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InformationHelena Barbas was born in Lisbon in 1951. She completed an MPhil in Comparative Literary Studies (1990) and a PhD in Portuguese Studies/Comparative Literature (1998) at the F.C.S.H. - U.N.L. Helena attended some seminars at the Master of Applied AI – coordinated by Professor Luís Moniz Pereira – at the F.C.T. (2003). In 2008 she got her 'Agregação'/Habilitation in Literature and Cyberarts.
She is Professor Lecturer at the F.C.S.H. since 1987. She has been teaching master seminars on Literature and New Media, Literature and Cyberarts, and presently Digital Humanities. From 2005-2009 she lectured on Communication skills to the Computer Science students at FCT.
Helena has published several books and essays, translations of theoretical texts, novels, drama and poetry. She collaborated with diverse newspapers, magazines and national TV cultural programs.
Her present research interests are man-machine interaction; virtual persona, avatars; AI decision models and agent behavior; interactive fiction and cyber-narratology.
In 2011 she received the (2nd.) SANTANDER Award for the Internationalization of the F.C.S.H. Scientific Production 2010.
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Helena Barbas
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Helena Barbas

School: FCSH/UNL
Country: Portugal

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