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IBM-SUR - Parallel and Distributed Computational Models for Scientific Applications on Cell Processor Clusters

Project information

The research groups of CENTRIA and CITI are involved in several projects which will benefit from the resources which will be allocated as a result of the present proposal. In the scope of this SUR application, we specifically target the following areas: Computer Science Concepts & Technologies - Constraint Programming and Parallel and Distributed Computing (including Cluster & Grid) - in particular, this includes Constraint Execution in multi-Cell clusters. Application areas: Bioinformatics and Life Sciences and Earth, Sea and Space research.

For the current SUR proposal the main focus is the development of techniques and tools which may effectively draw on the potential of hierarchical parallel computing infrastructures, which goes from heterogeneous multicore processors such as the Cell to cluster systems. This goal is achieved by exploiting computational models well suited to the architecture.

Ongoing since 2007.


Participating entities: CENTRIA - UNL, CITI - UNL, CEG (Centre for Geographical Studies, UNL), CIGA (Centre for Research in Geosciences, UNL), CQFB (Centre for Chemestry and Biotechnology, UNL), CREM (Centre for Microbiology, UNL), CENIMAT (Research Centre in Materials Science, UNL), CGE/UE (Centre for Geophysics, UE), IO (Oceanography Institute, UL), GECAD (ISEP), ICAM/UE (Mediterranean Agrarian Sciences Institute, UE), Dep. Computer Science FCT/UNL, Dep. Computer Science (Univ. Évora).


Funding entity: IBM Corp. International.


Principal researcher: Salvador Abreu.

Researchers: Luís Moniz Pereira, Armando Fernandes, Carlos Damásio, Francisco Azevedo, Irene Rodrigues, Lígia Ferreia, Pedro Barahona, Susana Nascimento.

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