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Design and implementation of an architecture for interactive, cognitive virtual characters

Project information

We consider virtual, autonomous characters situated in dynamic, unpredictable, virtual worlds. To render these characters self-animated (i.e., alive) in real time performances, we need to make them able to perceive, reason and act in the world where they are situated. This goal can be achieved by ascribing characters cognitive capabilities together with reactive functionalities.
The focus of this proposal is to deploy state-of-the-art artificial intelligence ethods into character simulation and extract and address new research issues in computer graphics and artificial intelligence in the context of the developed applications. The specific aims of the project are to develop:
- a model for perception and action, that is a model to couple the virtual world and the mental state of the characters.
- a model of an architecture (for characters) combining high-level cognitive capabilities with lowlevel reactive functionalities.
- an implementation of the character´s architecture.

Ongoing since January 2008, concludes in December 2009.


Funding entity: KK stiftelse.

Reference: KK-stiftelse

Funding: 300000 SEK.


Principal researcher: Pierangelo Dell’Acqua.

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