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PSE - The Philosophy of Science in a European perspective - ESF networking Programme

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In the beginning of the last century an important European tradition of investigations into the nature of scientific knowledge took definitive shape. This development comprised a wide range of different disciplines and a number of different European countries. It included renowned scientists, such as Ernst Mach, Ludwig Boltzmann, Carl Menger, Ludwig and Richard von Mises, Otto Neurath, Albert Einstein, Max Planck, Pierre Duhem, Henri Poincaré, Karl Pearson, to mention but a few, and involved not only empirical disciplines, but formal ones too (David Hilbert, Kurt Gödel, Federigo Enriques, Jan Łukasiewicz, Alfred Tarski, Bertrand Russell). This scientific and philosophical movement, involving but not confined to Central Logical Empiricism in Vienna, Berlin and Prague, was strongly interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary. It produced an extensive and stimulating literature and prepared the ground for a wide array of reflections on the structure of science, its aims and limits.

It is our aim to rekindle and reinforce this European tradition in the philosophy of science.

Ongoing since 2008, concludes in 2013.


Principal researcher: Stephan Hartmann.

Researcher: Franz Huber.


Funding entity: European Science Foundation.


Principal researcher: Gregory Wheeler.


- Member of the Scientific Steering Committee and member of the Formal Methods Group (Team A);

- Probabilistic logic, Non-monotonic logic, Uncertainty
- Measures of Coherence
- Formal epistemology

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