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  • S. Modgil, F. Toni, F. Bex, I. Bratko, C. I. Chesñevar, W. Dvořák, M. A. Falappa, X. Fan, S. A Gaggl, A. J. García, M. P. González, T. F. Gordon, João Alexandre Leite, M. Možina, C. Reed, G. R. Simari, S. Szeider, P. Torroni and S. Woltran, The added value of argumentation, in: Sascha Ossowski (eds), Agreement Technologies, Law, Governance and Tech. Series, Springer, Vol. 8, Pag. 357-403, 2013.
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João Leite
Direction board

João Leite

School: FCT/UNL
Country: Portugal

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