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InformationArmando Fernandes was born in Portugal in 1974. He completed his five-year BSc. in Engineering Physics in 1997, and got is PhD in Engineering Physics in 2005, both from Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), Lisbon, Portugal.

He worked as a product technology engineer at Siemens Semiconductors in Portugal and Germany from 1997 to 1998. He also worked at Philips Medical Systems as an equipment maintenance engineer from 1998 to 2000 having completed during those years a total of 2 months of intensive training in the Netherlands and in Germany.
He has authored a total of 10 papers in international refereed journals and 8 papers in international conference proceedings, and integrated the team that received the Innovation Award from Banco Espírito Santo in 2005, for a work on forest fire detection using Light Detection and Ranging (Lidar) methods.

Since September 2005 he has been working in CENTRIA in automatic detection of water eddies in sea surface temperature maps using optical flow, fuzzy clustering, ellipse detection and neural network techniques.
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Armando Fernandes
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Armando Fernandes

School: FCT/UNL
Country: Portugal

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